Sheepdog lyrics.

I aim the first one who`ll dare to stand still
Oh Lord, your tension is making me ill
You`ve got no friends in your home, you´ve got no family stone
You can`t go: yeah yeah yeah

Everyone, in every town, on every boat, on every trip, the multi-talented strip
Will gather ´round you with coke and pain
The trees, ain`t no doubt about
The seeds, I had no thought about
No, yeah yeah yeah



Don`t know why I can`t locate this feeling,that I would rather be with you
It makes no sense, you`re crying out loud, that I may love you
This stress is wasting my emotions that I would rather be with you
Don`t let them closer to this secret...that I may love you

Take `em outa west, take `em outa height, take `em on a sweet ride
Those little angles are numbered nine
The colored TV once shined on desolation 15
They`ve got it!!Yeah, yeah yeah!
Bust `em in the light, bust `em in the light, BUST `EM IN THE DAYLIGHT
They ain`t worthy being named as thieves
One of the shorties said hi up to the abbot who died
The rebound: yeah yeah yeah



Now hear the bluebird whistle hymns like "I would rather heal your wounds"
now hear the dark gun punching out that I may love you


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